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State of Scottish Chess
Graham Kerr Wrote:Kevin, i didn't know what all the fuss was about either, having skipped over the forum topic here, that was until i received an email last week from someone who seemed to be in some way representing the complainer. The email was pretty explicit, to the extent that i now know what is alleged to have happened and who was involved, all except for the person who the complaint was against. I suspect everyone who has entered his events will also have received the same email.

I didn't appreciate one bit the misuse of my email address for such transmissions, and have asked the sender why it was sent to me. No response. He'll get no response from me the next time he invites me to take part in any events he organises.

BTW, i'm happy to report that my club, Badgers Brook, has seen a rise in membership levels in each of the last 5 years!

I am extremely surprised at this post given the comments made at the Council meeting. I assumed, rather naively, that this situation had been laid to rest or at least dealt with by the parties concerned. The formation of a committee to look at the recommendations made by Linda McCusker seemed to be a logical and sensible way to try to ensure situations are avoided in the future and if they do then they can be dealt with to the satisfaction of all involved.
If any of the parties previously involved are still stirring things up then we are no further forward than we were prior to the council meeting.
There seems to be no point in any committee taking part in sensible discussions when there is still a group of people pursuing their own agenda in this matter. I wonder how many more people like Graham received the unsolicited email?
to say i'm disheartened is an understatement. Sad

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