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New TV Series wants chess player
Posted by Lara in the English Forum.

I nominate Callum McQueen, Neil Berry or Andrew Green.


Nicola from Betty TV called me and asked for some idea of a participant for this new series. I think we all know a chessplayer or two in this social category who could do with a confidence boost. If you want to be nominated and don't want to contact them direct send me a pm.

Here is what Nicola says:

I am looking to tap into the world of chess to find participants for our new lifestyle series we are making here at Betty. I am looking for single men aged 25 – 40, with really interesting jobs, passions and hobbies – of course it is not just limited to chess players, so if anyone outside of this area does come to mind, please do spread the word. At the moment I’m just looking to reach out to as many people as possible.

We are making a new observational documentary series for FOX, which will be 10 x 1 hour episodes. FOX are a worldwide channel, best known for their American dramas like The Walking Dead, Damages, Nip Tuck, American Horror Story, and others like Family Guy and One Tree Hill. This is a brand new series for FOX, which takes them away from dramas and into non scripted documentaries – it’s an exciting, sensitive and warm series.

We have five really lovely and very different guys already so I am looking for the next five. The series is about confidence, dating and style. Each episode sees one guy take on some incredible confidence boosting challenges and they will be mentored by three experts on confidence across the board, and on dating and style.

We start filming this month and go right through to the end of June, so each contributor will need to be available for five days – they will be put up in fantastic London accommodation and thoroughly looked after throughout the week. This is not a Take Me Out, or a Beauty and the Geek – it is a series which aims to help people who want to try something new, to step out of their comfort zone and take on a new challenge. Perhaps they have neglected certain areas of their lives because of work commitments or strong passions and hobbies, which may have left little time for anything else. Or they feel a bit stuck in their ways and are tired of the same old routine – whatever the reason, the series is a great way for someone to do something out of the norm, and hopefully achieve their own individual goals.

Whether people play chess professionally or if it is a passion or hobby, I understand it can take up a lot of someone’s time, perhaps because of this some people don’t get to date as much as they would like to? Or, they may want to find a balance with other aspects of their lives.

I’m really keen to get personal recommendations of very deserving people. Perhaps some of your friends, colleagues or clients will know people who would like to learn more about the series?

Betty TV are offering a potentially life changing week of incredible confidence boosting experiences. If you’re brave enough to step out of your comfort zone – male and aged between 25-40 they want to hear from you. For more information, send an email to:

<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> or call us on 02072900540.

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