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Freedom of Speech
David Deary Wrote:Ronnie, do you not have a private forum? Surely, simply making the topic private to Cumbernauld members would have made more sense? Personally, I think it’s an important issue and one that should be discussed within your club. If it had been my post that was deleted and I was told to speak to a team Captain I would have reacted in a similar way to George.

George knows as a team captain himself that selection matters are devolved to the respective team captains. He chose to post a rant on the forum rather than contact the team captain in the first instance.

David Deary Wrote:I personally play league chess for the social aspect. I play in a team with friends - two members I went to school with (have known for at least ten years and played alongside them for that period), my younger brother is another and two good personal friends are on the remaining boards. I play in that team because I get on well with everyone and we have a good laugh. I would not replace these players for some 2200s because it wouldn't be as much fun. My SNCL team is the exact same. Chess is supposed to be fun and it’s not all about winning.

I'm not saying that’s why Cumbernauld have brought in Dunfermline players to simply to attain a competitive advantage it sounds like they have a genuine player shortage. However, these things need to be handled delicately. Fundamentally, I don't think its fair to permanently replace players who won promotion with a whole new team.
The GCL captain has subequently explained to George the reason for his non-selection for this particular match.

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