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Dundee Congress - local hotels cheaper
David C -
Quote:Apologies to the Dundee organisers for kind of hijacking their thread a little, I hope you don't mind.
I don't mind at all but I'm going to claim it back Big Grin . A little more than 12 hours after my first posting of this thread the Travel Inn prices have changed again (perhaps there has been a rush of interest in the congress dates?):

Travel Inn (Monifieth) – Fri - £51, Sat £29 (adjacent to venue)
Travel Inn (Dundee East) – Fri - £29, Sat £54 (2 mins drive from venue)

So one night at Dundee East and one at Monifieth is still a cheap option.

Andrew McH -
Quote:Is there still free (or cheap) tennis available for between Chess?
. Yes - £5 for all the venue's facilities for the whole weekend. Can I anticipate an entry =) ?

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