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2012 Olympiad
FIDE Rating of ‘National’ Tournaments.

To my mind this should be a no-brainer. All major international tournaments are rated this way, as well as the Scottish, the British, and most other prestigious tournaments. By playing almost exclusively FIDE-rated tournaments, I have now reached the situation where my CS grade only differs from my FIDE grade by 1 point. That is surely how it should be—both grades should be a ‘true’ reflection of current playing strength. It has now reached the stage where I will might only consider playing in a tournament if it is FIDE graded (and preferably with increments!). Most of the time that means having to play outwith Scotland.

As I recall, my club (Edinburgh) were in favour of the Richardson (which is, after all, a National Championship) being FIDE graded. Similar arguments might reasonably be applied to the SNCL.

Many players still do not have an FIDE grading, and no doubt find it difficult to get one because of the lack of opportunity. I personally find this a further source of frustration—especially when decent wins against fairly good players are discounted because they do not have a FIDE grading.

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