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2012 Olympiad
There is a cost to rate FIDE events. FIDE charge CS 1 Euro per head - it doesn't matter how many games submitted. Currently to process a FIDE rated event CS charges congresses £1 per head for all players (apart from SCO registered non-members when its £2). <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

There is extra work involved of making sure the FIDE name database is correct, there is more correspondence required with FIDE in sorting out identification errors, events have to be registered and a lot of care required that the results are uploaded correctly. Programmer Gordon Rattray created a routine some time back which converts CS domestic data into FIDE format. Arbiter Alex McFarlane also has software which creates the required output.
However the workload is not so massively onerous that its not worth trying to expand the range of FIDE rated events. As already suggested we see other countries pass us by - the lack of international type serious events here must surely be a factor in why they are getting ahead.

CS Treasurer David Congalton would be happy to look at prices if cost is a major issue. However I dont think cost is the main problem.

Players dont seem to want to risk their FIDE rating in events where the conditions are not completely perfect ie one game a day, and you can do targeted preparation. I can understand why 2 games a day is extremely tiring but your opponent will be enduring these same conditions. OK the oldies might suffer against the more physically robust younger players - but that's a legitimate factor and might mean you are not as strong as your rating initially indicated.

It's a vicious circle - because FIDE events are so rare here players struggle to get rated initially and to change the rating. So players guard their FIDE not playing FIDE events.

When the Richardson/Spens was graded there were complaints from a number of clubs. We also had one player complained directly to FIDE that the event should not have been rated. Andy Muir took on board the club and player points of view and stopped FIDE rating. However the clear majority of comments that I have heard say it should be rated.

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