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(10-08-2017, 03:57 PM)Gerald Lobley Wrote: Motion 1 proposes

1. That the posts of Home Director (Junior) and International Junior Director are merged and a new post of Director of Junior Chess formed. (Andy Howie and Jim Webster).
                The current Constitution allows a candidate to hold more than one post in Chess Scotland. Therefore if one person wishes to take on both existing Junior Directorships and the AGM agrees that is perfectly permissible. This has the flexibility that if the combined role is considered too much (time, effort etc) but a couple of able candidates would take on the separate roles then that is also possible under the current Constitution. So the current situation is more flexible as it permits either one or two people to take on these roles.
                There are (or will be) separate Operating Procedures to cover both posts and where these are occupied by a one person then a short Operating Procedure can be written to cover any consequences of the combined role. Modification to  Operating Procedures can be approved by Council or the Management Board and this is more efficient than having to change the Constitution at an AGM or SGM.
                I see no requirement for a Constitutional change and will therefore will oppose the motion.

Regarding Motion 1 – Just thought it would be useful to post the original job descriptions from 2010 that do not appear to have been updated for the THREE junior posts.
Chess Scotland – Home Director (Junior) - overview of role
HD(J) is responsible for the running of the annual
  • Primary Individual – residential weekend
  • Girls Championships. – either a one or two day congress
  • Junior Player of the Year – by publicising for nominations & votes & then obtaining a trophy for the winner to retain & present the annual award
  • Junior Grand Prix
HD(J) along with the Schools Development Director should form a Junior board by selecting members of Chess Scotland or parents of Chess Scotland members to represent the junior membership across Scotland.
Chess Scotland – Schools Development Director - overview of role
SDD is responsible for the running of the annual (or delegation to run)
  • Primary Team Championships
  • Secondary Team Championships
  • Where possible the SDD should try & promote junior chess in schools & help to provide training for juniors & chess teachers if possible & where there is demand. 
    Including training days specifically to help  IJD get players ready for International tournaments when possible.
  • Requests sometimes come via the website for a copy of Alex McFarlane’s How to run a Chess Club DVD which you will have a master & copies are to be sent out as requested (postage costs can be reclaimed from CS treasurer if required).  Also some requests come through about Dinosaur Chess for which we have more info (this will be passed onto the new office bearer). Support & co-ordinate with IJD & SDD &  other groups within Scotland. 

Chess Scotland – International Junior Director  - overview of role
IJD is responsible for organising participation of Chess Scotland Juniors in International  events abroad & Home nations.
  • Liverpool Quadrangular (weekend event organised by Peter Purland)
  • Glorney – 4 nations event that rotates around the 4 nations as hosts –
  • Euroyouth Junior Championships
  • World Junior Championships
  • Mureck (if funds permit – in past funds have not stretched to be able to send a head of delegation or coach so instead a competent parent has travelled & where possible it helps if the parent is able to coach as well) In 2010 family of Dad & 2 daughters went as no CS funds available so they had benefit of hosts free accommodation & no funding for CS at all..
  • Olympiad U16 Team – (if team strong enough for event).
  • Worlds U21 (no coaches or Hof D sent but the older youths tend to travel as a pair sharing the benefit of one funded place from host for each gender U21).
IJD should form & head a selection committee to enable fair selections to be done in a timely manner.
IJD is not an automatic member of the Junior Board & can only sit on the board if invited to by the HD(Junior).
Where possible IJD should try & get support for juniors from their local clubs when selected to take part in the International events so that they can prepare as much as possible.  If possible arrange squad days for training (this was done a few times a year by Donna Officer & participants paid a £10 a day fee to cover the cost of coaches etc).
(Preparation before events tends to be more valuable than coaching at the event). Also if inexperienced younger players try & encourage to move up to play in weekend congresses.
IJD ensures that CS Juniors are entered into events according to the event registration rules which have strict deadlines (NB: if you register close to the final date you tend to get the less favourable accommodation).  Late entry penalties apply circa 100Euro a head.
IJD should or delegate someone to find the best travelling options, flights, transfers, coaches (with wheels) etc & co-ordinate any monies due in from participants & parents along with ensuring the correct consent forms are sent out for completion for each/every event by all those that are travelling irrespective whether they have a parent travelling as well or not (this is for loco parentis & insurance purposes for Chess Scotland). Please Note that Chess Scotland do not provide travel insurance. Once collated all cheque payments in pass onto (Treasurer) with spreadsheet detailing who has paid & what for.
IJD or their delegate needs to ensure that there is provision for all meals at events & in cases where this has not been possible ensure that parents/Juniors are aware that they need to find alternative.  Most International events abroad are full board.  The only times that there is likely to be an issue is at Liverpool & the Glorney.

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