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Arbiters - Availability etc
(04-06-2017, 12:18 PM)PeterReidSmith Wrote: Hi,

So, do we have more than we need currently?
I've asked a few times about the courses but not heard anything back.
It would be interesting to better understand the strategy/roadmap on this:
a) How we're placed
b) What the pipeline and approach is training and progression

There was a plan to run a course in April but again would have been dependant on numbers.  This was reported in the minutes (item 3)of the March 2017 Arbiters meeting.

and from this link (at the foot of the page)

you will find the following:

Courses for Arbiters

Chess Scotland will organise courses for potential arbiters whenever enough candidates have expressed an interest. Please contact Dr Ken W C Stewart, 27 Golfview Drive, Coatbridge ML5 1JN. Tel: 01236-431394

I think you have to "express an interest" and suggest that email would be best.

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