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Scottish 2017
Alan Tate Wrote:Is there a reason why it's a week later than normal?

Venue not available earlier, or at least not for the duration of the event.

amuir Wrote:"Players wishing a ½ point bye must request it on the entry form. In the
unlikely event of a player asking for a bye after round 2 then it will not count
towards any Championship title."
Why not ?

Why should it? If people want to play in the UK Challenge (which is the normal clash) then they have to decide on their priorities. I am happy to review the situation for anyone representing their country, though the chances are that all the major contenders will be in the same position.
This rule was decided after some consultation and has been in place since 2007.

The Glorney/Faber dates are/were provisional. It is hard enough to avoid clashes when dates are set. I've been caught out in the past by avoiding a provisional date for it to be confirmed at a different date which did clash anyway.

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