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Largs Viking Chess Congress
In answer to Walter.

If they score 5/5 then their ratings will improve. However, if they draw then they will probably have to score 4.5 to break even of show a slight profit. This 4.5 would need to be against FIDE rated player. But if they only met 3 lowish FIDE rated players and drew with one of them then they might have to score 2.5 against the other two to break even as wins against unrated players do not count.

Obviously that is an extreme example but it illustrates the point.

As Douglas says if more players were FIDE rated this would be less of a problem as almost all of the games would count and the better players have more opportunity to recover from slips.

A FIDE decision today could help. It will be possible from July next year to play games with less than 4 hour sessions which can be graded for those under 2200 but not for those involving a player of at least that level. This means that congresses choosing the right time control could have a FIDE rated Open where the top players were not risking their ratings.


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