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davidstewart Wrote:At the Chess Edinburgh Council Meeting it was agreed to organise the Lothian’s Championship for the players of Chess Edinburgh Member Clubs.
This Championship will be a five round Swiss Event in which we will use the time controls of 34 moves in 70 minutes followed by 15 minutes quick play finish.
Entries will be accepted until the end of October with each round to finish before the end of November, December, January, February and March. There is a £5 entry fee with the Champion winning the Smerdon Cup using Member Clubs venues.

This sounds like the former Nancy Elder shrunk down. DIdn't that model die a death over the past few years? This is hardly an inspiring choice. At the very least getting all entrants under one roof on a weekend would be a better. Edinburgh CC maybe? Maybe using the format of the old FIDE events there from 10 years ago? That filled the room at least. I can't imagine this new format is going to survive long.

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