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Glorney Cup
We don't really know each other Andrew (Muir), but for simplicity I'll assume your motivations have integrity.

All I'll say is that I (and a great many others) have great admiration and respect for the extreme amount of time and effort David is contributing. Partly as a result of that, a growing number of people are inspired to get involved and help in a growing number of ways - it seems unfair to name one, but Liz Sams is proving invaluable in so many ways. Yes, all of this is a bit nascent and imperfect at times, but such is the messy reality of real life. If it were easy, I'd assume some long standing members like yourself would have long since ensured the legacy of those "glory" days. As Mr Corbin is finding out, however, one of the tricky things about leadership is that people have to choose to follow you.

Objectively, Liverpool went very well this year, the performance of some of our juniors in the Scottish Open was little short of remarkable and in the expanded 6 team Glorney one of our teams were in the prizes - and of course a few individuals distinguished themselves. Of course more improvement is possible and there is much that a player of your ability could do to assist with that.

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