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CS live boards
I note the absence of CS live boards at the first four weekend congresses of the season. I don't know all the reasons behind that but thought it might be worth suggesting a way to possibly increase live coverage.

1/ Have a one day course at a suitable venue, run by Andy Howie or Dave Clayton, attended by folks in as many areas of Scotland as possible. CS of course pick up the tab!

2/ Successful attendees at the course would then have to be "signed off" by Andy or Dave at an event or events (SNCL?), similar to the arbiting route.

This of course would mean a lot of extra work initially for guys like Andy and Dave but longer term we would have more folks able to operate the live boards throughout Scotland. It would greatly increase the number of events CS could cover, both adult and affiliated junior. It would be great to see events like the NEJCA Keith Hoban memorial or the Dumfries Allegro live.

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