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2015 Scottish?
Douglas Bryson Wrote:


Three items had been validly put forward for discussion by members.

(a) G Neave proposed that when selecting an Olympiad team the Scottish champions of the current and previous year should automatically be offered a place in the team. After considerable discussion a vote on the motion resulted - for 1, against 24, abstentions 6."

The voting here was somewhat biased after Jacob Aagaard, the then International Director, indicated he would step down if the motion was carried. A new motion may result in at least a much closer vote.

Scots back down to Dane - where were the nationalist that day I wonder? :p OK. Maybe I'm in minority but i am getting used to that since the general election Sad Doesn't mean I am wrong though Big Grin

btw - what's your story Mr Bryson - why are you not playing?

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