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Dundee & Angus Congress
Keith Rose Wrote:This was the most challenging we've held so far- an arbiter short, contentious decisions over the two minute rule/draw claims, late re-draws, delayed start times. But we got through and it seems most, but not all, went away happy. There are a couple of issues we will have to look at for next year.

Anyway, photos are up now at

Games will take a few weeks to process.

I will have a report on the Congress in the October issue of Scottish Chess, Keith. If you'd like to add a little something from the organiser's perspective please e-mail me soon-ish!

What were the contentious 2-minute rulings concerning? There have been many, many over the years in Scottish congresses - the main problems i have seen are that a) many players don't understand the rule and b) many arbiters don't understand how to implement the rule!

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