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Glorney Teams
I had a look at the 2014 South Africa World Youth details after Harry mentioned it a couple of posts above. If we are not sending a squad, I can understand why. The first couple of things I came across was the English IJD warning that the staging of the event itself was in doubt and a letter from Fide to the organisers complaining about the delay in publishing full regulations plus the cost of the (shared) accommodation which was twice that of any previous event.

The regulations were eventually published a few weeks later. The organisers were not providing free accommodation (as normally happens) for a head of delegation or a coach (unless they had a full Fide trainer qualification). At a conservative guesstimate it would therefore cost CS £4K plus to send these officials.

I fail to see who the South African organisers are expecting to turn up at the technical meeting to register the players or who they will be in contact with throughout the event.

There is no sign anywhere of any squads that have indicated they will be attending.

In 2015 the event is in Greece so hopefully at that event we will be back to normal.

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