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Euroyouth Bulgaria 2011
oh, we will try to get some more games on here within the next two days.
I've enjoyed reading the reports and their emphasis on the Chess played.

The results are certainly strong enough to build on and there are some exceptional performances. I think going 9 games at this level with only 3 losses is an exceptional start i.e.

Quite a few of those playing and doing well can play again at the same age level next year. They now know what to expect and I'm sure they will be working on their game to make improvements and become even more competitive at that age level.

I'm sure Alan and Robin have been working really hard already but it appears they have a little extra time in Bulgaria. Usually it's a quick trip out but I'm wondering if the extra time could be used for each player to get a written individual report from the coaches. This has not happened before that I know of but could be helpful for the future. I noticed a few references to time trouble! Some will know that Ian and Maryann have a special relationship with the clock! How do we get players using their time better. There's hope on this though because I remember Paul Motwani's talk at the Scottish from a few years back and I think Britain's top junior David Howell also used all his time! Perhaps advice needed for all on clock management? Sure you've been working on this though.

For the upcoming World Youth Chess Championships at Caldas Novas in Brazil some of those playing at the European Youth will be representing Scotland again. It would be helpful if,Robin, you could pass on some information to me about their play at the Euroyouth and areas where you think they could strengthen their game. A PM would suffice TIA

Home now ! Thought the best way to give everyone an overall flavour of the event and what is required is to give a daily rundown....

A day in the life of a coach (Alan Tate)....

Up fairly early, some preparation work, breakfast, team physical exercises (optional).
10am-2.30 pm. Opening prep with 8 of team in half hour one-to-one uninterrupted slots (Andrew and Ali prefer to prep alone) with a break for lunch. Go to hall for 3pm to watch openings before everyone has to leave at 3.10pm. Have a break at pool for a couple of hours before dinner. Post match analysis for all on player return, often till after 10 pm. After 10, have a couple of pints with Robin to go over day's events. Bed before midnight.

A day in the life of a player....

Up early, breakfast, morning physical exercises, individual half hour slot with Alan for opening prep at allocated set time between 10 and 2.30. 45 minute slot with Robin in groups of 2 studying endgame strategy between 10 and 2. Try and relax/swim in spare time at pool etc. 2.40 pm at latest head for hall with pen and spare with preferred drink. 3pm game start, latest finish around 8. Have dinner, post match analysis with Alan. Bed at 11 at latest, earlier for younger players.

A day in the life of a parent (June Underwood).....

Up Early, breakfast, in charge of squad physical exercises for all from 9.30am -10. Make sure Jamie doesn't miss slots with Alan or Robin. Lunch. Make sure Jamie has everything he needs for today's game and is on time. Go to hall at 2.40 pm at latest, watch start, leave with everyone at 3.10. Take it in turns with other parents to wait outside after 4.30 pm when Robin as head of delegation is allowed in. Wait there till around 8 till all players finish to make sure they get back to hotel ok for dinner and post match analysis.

A day in the life of a parent (Sean Milton-Superspy)....

Same as above but between 10 and 11am, head down to playing hall where you are allowed to look at the paper copies of all previous games. Look at prepared list of opponents and colours/find their scoresheets/ take pictures of them on mobile phone/ get back to Alan with them asap for opening prep.

A day in the life of a head of delegation (Robin Moore).....

Up very early, prepare today's endgame strategy lesson for about an hour. Write CS noticeboard update of previous day's events. Go for breakfast, optional physical excersices (if time allows). Endgame strategy training starts at 10 normally through till about 1.30. Lunch, shower, changed, get to hall early to make sure all well and tables allocated correctly and physically where they are so I can find them quickly. 2.40 on, players arrive. 2.40-3, last minute chat with all individually, encouraging, refreshing and clarifying what is required today, supporting. Games start 3pm, running about daft for 10 minutes trying to see all openings of our games. Leave hall with everyone else. Worry like hell outside till 4.30 pm when I alone am allowed back in. Do quick rough check of all games then go back outside to report to any waiting parents progress updates. Stay in hall till about 8 till games finish, escorting players out one by one on completion of their games and give an appraisal to parents. Dinner. Catch the last hour or so of post match analysis till about 10. Have a couple of pints to go over today's events with Alan. Bed before midnight.

And that's all there is to it...


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