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Malawi Charity tournament at Prestwick
Last day for entry into this event.

Pairings and tables can be found here.
No broadband at the venue so updates only at the end of each round. All round 3 draws are now up.
Round 4 now up
I would like to thank everyone that came along and participated in the Malawi Charity event today. It was a great success and I am delighted that with the kind generosity we have raised £780. This is fantastic and will help a lot of people and is much appreciated.

Thank you to John McNichol, David Congalton and Stephen Taylor for all the hard work in running the various sections. I would also like to thank all the volunteers that ran the canteen providing a wide range of refreshments.

The following is a list of the prize winners.
Malawi Open
1st IM Andrew Greet 4.5/5
2nd FM Philip Gillian 4
Major / Minor
1St Callum McGillivray 4.5/5
2nd David Deary 4
3rd =Charles Todd 3.5
3rd= Siegrun MacGilchrist
3rd= Iain Hope
3rd= Bernard Cassidy
Junior A
1st Ewan Anderson Greenwood
2nd= Lewis Heron Prestwick
2nd= Ewan Robinson Prestwick
Malawi Junior B
1st = Leo Cairns Kilmarnock
1st = Naeve Heron Prestwick

Thank you again and I look forward to running next year’s event.
Iain Fraser

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