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Moderator wanted - Andy Howie - 06-05-2014

We are looking for a new moderator for the noticeboard to Join Hugh and myself. If we can get a couple of good candidates my intention will be to step back and adminster the board (which is something I didn't realise the mods couldn't do :ymblushing: )

Candidates need to have a sense of humour and a very thick skin!

If you are interested, please can you drop me an email

Many thanks


Re: Moderator wanted - Ianbrownlee - 06-05-2014

i'll do it only if no one else is interested assuming my sense of humour doesn't disqualify me

Re: Moderator wanted - Patrick McGovern - 07-05-2014

you have my vote Ian and good luck Smile

RE: Moderator wanted - WBuchanan - 16-04-2022

Something I've been meaning to ask about

Are there any forum guidelines anywhere?
Moderation policy?

How do I know if it's okay to say 'F*ddlest*cks.'

Maybe I've missed them...