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Inter regional Chess League - Ianbrownlee - 01-04-2014

I thought I would congratulate Andy Howie for setting up the Scottish Inter Regional Chess League (SIRCL) and the SIRCL chess board made up of a representative from each region. It is also a great idea to make this league FIDE rated and to pick our Scotland team from the results generated from this national event. It's certainly going to turn heads for the points structure Yes April 1st will be a milestone for starting this event. I'm pure made up I am Smile The only thing I'm worried about is his insistence on wearing ties and banning google glasses.....

Re: Inter regional Chess League - Andy Howie - 01-04-2014


1) over my dead body am I going to enforce a rule on making players wear ties. Mind you I can think of a use for them for a couple of players...

2) Google glasses are a real issue, they have been in development for some time. They represent a clear and present danger for cheating at chess and should not be laughed at. This is a serious issue that we are going to have to develop methods and strategies to combat. You seem to think I am making a joke about it. It is being spoken about at the moment at the highest levels in FIDE

3) =)) Love your wind up