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Apologies to Corstorphine - Glynis Grant - 20-10-2011

I am putting itis not missed by anyone.

My sincere apologies go to Corstorphine who, not only got their entry fee in on time, were actually the first entry I received -- 27th September 2011.

As stated earlier my mind has been distracted and, although I had a feeling it had arrived, it took me some time to track down the SAFE place I had put it in (Otherwise known as fallen down the back of the microwave in the kitchen!!)

The two Ayr teams I have definitely not heard from so would appreciate some acknowledgement to either myself or Andy Howie.

Andy has the teams and I am sure is well on the way to getting the draw organised!!!


Re: Apologies to Corstorphine - Andy Howie - 20-10-2011

Could really do with 1 more team to avoid us haveing a bye in division 4. So can either AA or Ayr let us know if they are in this year

I am going to publish the draws at the weekend.