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Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - George Murphy - 17-07-2014

Thanks for clearing the air, Andy. My wee Westie will be disappointed - but not for long. At heart, she’s a Sisyphus, and she’ll go on pushing that ball of twine, hoping it will lead somewhere - anywhere!


Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - Andy Howie - 17-07-2014

I think it is fair to say I am disappointed about not going. Was really looking forward to it and continue building on the excellent relationships we have fostered in the last 5 years. Mistake was made we move on. Main thing is our voice is heard!

Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - Andy Howie - 17-07-2014

Garry wades in on the allegations from FIDE VP that this is motivated to help him

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Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - Andy Howie - 18-07-2014

All hail king Kirsan...

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Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - George Murphy - 18-07-2014

Latest developments point to a deadline falling on 21 October 2014 at 11:00 CET.

See (a) the re-published list of Federations and Delegates dated 17 October - which on the face of it would allow Scotland still to register a delegate (though there could a bit of an administrative relic aspect to this: the name of the last delegate appearing if a new has not been named?); and (b) a missive from the incumbent FIDE President. Both are available on FIDE’s official web site.

I think the Presidential election issue is really the underlying theme that draws all this together.

George - the man with two Westies

Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - George Murphy - 18-07-2014

Sorry, an unintended omission. Now included:

Announcement to all delegates for 85th FIDE Congress

Thursday, 17 July 2014 12:46

Dear FIDE delegates, 

Dear National federations, 

Following the list of FIDE delegates published on the FIDE website, we would like to bring to your kind attention that all delegates that have not registered in the FIDE Olympiad Registration system should do this as soon as possible. 

Federations that have not registered any delegate in the system should register the following official delegates as soon as possible: 

Federations that need to register a new delegate:

Please be reminded that every federation has assigned one person who is responsible for registration of players and delegate. Please contact him/her to have you registered in the Olympiad system. 

Should you have questions regarding registration, please contact the Registration manager of the Olympiad : <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> and copy your email to FIDE Office: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. 

Thank you 

World Chess Olympiad Organizing Committee

In the interests of brevity, I omitted all the names of individual Federations and Delegates. Andy (H) is named as official Delegate for Scotland; but as I explained above that probably reflects 'history' rather than the up-to-date position.



Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - andyburnett - 18-07-2014

I think you mean July, not October, George?!

Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - George Murphy - 18-07-2014

Oops! It's those pesky Westies.

You're right, Andy, but I have no idea how to correct it. My computer skills are sadly lacking.

George :ymblushing:

Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - Andy Howie - 18-07-2014


FIDE are just playing naughty here. They know there is no accommodation. Why do you think the Arbiters are 70Km away from the venue! Apparently some teams are going to be on boats!

Kirsan is being Kirsan...

Re: Tromso Olympiad 2014 - amuir - 18-07-2014

Kirsan has ordered Norway under article 6.1 of the President's powers to accept all the banned teams and has given them till monday 11am to accept.
70 km is an awful long way for Alex and others to travel on Kirsan's zero tolerance rule.
When do we get the boat list ? Some players get seasick.