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Dundee Live Games? - George Neave - 11-10-2013

Will Dundee have a live games broadcast this year?

Re: Dundee Live Games? - Keith Rose - 12-10-2013

Sorry George, no. The venue's WiFi doesn't allow us to transmit games. We tried a couple of years ago and failed, and discussions with the communications people there didn't lead to an answer (basically they didn't have a clue and still don't). Even now the WiFi has been even further restricted.

I believe this can be overcome by using dongley things but I don't really understand this stuff enough to sensibly answer and we don't have anyone who knows about these things and is able/willing to fix it for us.

That doesn't mean I've given up. I am determined that will go live at some time.

If anyone can describe how to do this in terms that a three-year old could understand I'm listening.