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Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - amuir - 24-01-2012

Remaining teams:

Richardson (4): Poly, Ed West, B Accord/W Dragons, Dundee: semi-finals
Spens(4): Phones/Irvine, Castlehill, E Kilbride, KilmarnockConfusedemi-finals
Campbell (5): Civ Service, Troon, Hamilton B, Edinburgh B, Phones/Irvine: one round 1 game + semi-finals

Draws to be made at Perth Congree

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - Duncan Grassie - 25-01-2012

Bon Accord and Wandering Dragons will play in Dundee on 4th February with the agreement of both captains.

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - amuir - 29-01-2012

Draws now made:

Richardson Cup:

B Accord or W Dragons VS Polytechnic

Edinburgh West VS Dundee

Spens :

Castlehill VS Phones

East Kilbride/Edinburgh 2 VS Kilmarnock

Campbell Cup:

Round 1 – E Kilbride/Edinburgh 2 VS Civ Service

Semi Final - Irvine VS E Kilbride/Edinburgh / Civ Service

Hamilton 2 VS Troon

Further results:

Phones 3.5 Irvine 2.5,

Edinburgh 2 are reinstated as E Kilbride did not wish to claim match

Semi-finals on 17 March

Could E Kilbride play Edinburgh in the next two weeks please as the loser has to play Civ Service in the Campbell before 17 March ?

Please could I have board scores for grading for Phones/Irvine &

Hamilton B/Kilmarnock matches ?


Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - amuir - 21-02-2012

could someone please tell me result of e kilbride v edinburgh ? captains not been in tough

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - Alan Tate - 22-02-2012

Can we try and change the format next year? It's hard to get excited about a knock out with 3 rounds.

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - Alan Tate - 22-02-2012

Before you ask, here is my proposition. Adjustments could be made depending on entries, of course.

Teams are seeded into 2 groups using average elo e.g. group A would have seeds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

Games played at a neutral central venue e.g. Grangemouth/Glenrothes/Perth/Stirling.

Group stages are all-play-alls with 2 matches played per group, per day - 1 team sits out.
The semis and final are knock outs.
That gives a maximum of 6 matches.

What do people think?

Group Stages (teams shown are for example only)

Group A

Bon Accord
Dundee & Victoria

Group B

Edinburgh West
Glasgow Polytechnic
Wandering Dragons

Semi Finals

Winner group B vs Runner-up group A

Winner group A vs Runner up group B


Winner of semi-final A vs Winner of semi-final B = Champions.

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - amuir - 22-02-2012

Alan - your suggestion makes it too similar to SNCL
If I dont get a response from E Kilbride/Edinburgh soon, will have to default them

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - David G Congalton - 22-02-2012

amuir Wrote:Alan - your suggestion makes it too similar to SNCL

Doesn't make it a bad idea. SNCL is quite succesful. I quite like Alan Tate's proposition, although I'd perhaps tweak it a little, to minimise the cost of venue hire for the initial group stages. Four groups of four, for example.

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - Alan Tate - 22-02-2012

Any way to get more rounds should work- 4 groups of 4 would require 16 teams. Don't know about the SNCL but am assuming it does not have a semi-final and final.

Re: Richardson/Spens 2011-12 - Crawford Macnab - 15-03-2012

Rose bowl result:

Edinburgh Civil Service beat Edinburgh B by 5.5 to 0.5.

Michael Ridge (w)     0 - 1   Alan Prince
Lindsay McGregor      0 - 1   Crawford Macnab
Christopher McIntee   0 - 1   Douglas Heatlie
Keith Aitchison     0.5 - 0.5 Simon Bate
Alastair Girvan       0 - 1   Gerry Brown
Calum McGillivray     0 - 1   George Anderson