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Dundee & Angus latest - Keith Rose - 01-10-2013

A little over a week to go now, so this is just a little reminder:

• the prize fund this year is significantly higher than last year
• Andrew Green will be here to coach juniors during Sat and Sun
• The City Quay apartment rooms are still available. I have had enquiries about a couple of rooms but that still leaves two: £60 - £80 for the two nights. All monies received for letting these rooms go to congress funds so if you are looking for a room please consider this option. Info – - contact me directly if interested – <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
• Cheapest Travelodge = Strathmore Ave at £98 for the two nights; the two Travel Inns close to the venue are £140 for the two nights


Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Keith Rose - 01-10-2013

The coaching will be given by Andrew Green, not Andrew Newton. Apologies to both.


Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Keith Rose - 06-10-2013

City Quay apartment - it might not have been as clear as I thought but the prices we asked are for the whole weekend, not per night. The £60 room and one £70 room have been taken. That leaves 1 @ £70 and the en-suite at £80. For the whole weekend. That is surely a bargain.

Contact me if you want one - <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Keith Rose - 06-10-2013

Another down, one to go. The en-suite is taken, leaving one shared-bathroom bedroom to go. Not sure if to take it? See
All takings to congress funds.


Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Keith Rose - 08-10-2013

Tuesday evening and, despite a considerable increase in the prize fund and bringing in a junior-coach, numbers are well down on last year - 121 at the moment, 150 last year. Unless there is a last minute surge we are looking at a hefty loss so I'm afraid it looks like we will have to slightly trim some of the prizes, though they will still mostly be higher than last year. Hopefully you won't notice the difference.


Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Phil Thomas - 08-10-2013

Don't know about everyone else but if I place in the top 3 I'm happy and don't notice change in prize money.

If I don't place in the top 3 - then I might notice - but wouldn't complain =|

Re: Dundee & Angus latest - robin moore - 08-10-2013

Personally, I don't feel prize money is particularly important. Venue, organisation, quality of opposition, accommodation, cafe, food provisions etc are what makes good tournaments. I am sure that most congress players enter because they love the social aspects and the competition itself and not by how much they may win.

Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Keith Rose - 08-10-2013

It's a bit of a relief to know that at least two bodies aren't troubled by a downward adjustment of cash.
Still, I confess to being a bit disappointed at the numbers, given what is on offer. I also confess to being quietly confident - until a couple of days ago - of bettering last year's numbers, but it looks not to be. Perhaps there is a little too much competition at this time of year. Who knows.

Anyway, if those that do come enjoy the weekend perhaps we might say that quality trumps quantity? It's everyone else's loss - or is that too cocky? I've had a couple of beers so I'm feeling stroppy. I'll regret it tomorrow.


Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Patrick McGovern - 09-10-2013

Keith I think you will find that the vast majority will concur with Phil and Robin; you provide a first class tournament (arguably one of the best in Scotland) it is up to the players to make the effort to support it. I am sure there will be many reasons why numbers may be down but i am also sure that those reasons will be nothing to do with the tournament or it's organisation. See you at the weekend Big Grin

Re: Dundee & Angus latest - Keith Rose - 10-10-2013

Thanks for those supportive comments gents. It's still a little disappointing to see the numbers go down as far as this, but as you say, if those that do come enjoy their weekend that is all that matters. Perhaps there is just a bit too much competition at this time of year.

Anyhoo, I look forward to seeing you all again.