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Sunny Beach tournament problems - andyburnett - 06-09-2013

Have just read this

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on the ECForum. Hopefully Jonathan Edwards and the others are ok.

Re: Sunny Beach tournament problems - Jonathan Edwards - 06-09-2013

Everything's alright, thanks.

Basically our apartment was broken into whilst we were asleep and I got my laptop and wallet stolen... two phones and another wallet were also taken. Could've been much worse!

Other than this, the tournament is really good!

Re: Sunny Beach tournament problems - william harkins - 07-09-2013

My wife and I visited Sunny Beach in Bulgaria around 1989, what a dump of a place, let down mainly by the natives who appeared to view all Westerners as rich pickings to rob. We also had items stolen from our room, sadly, it appears nothing has changed in the past 20 odd years. Would not go back even if offered a free holiday with spending money thrown in. We were so put off by our experience that we vowed never to return to Eastern Europe and we never have.

Re: Sunny Beach tournament problems - Jacqui Thomas - 07-09-2013

Having just read William's comments made me think that there should be a section titled Trip Advisor on the board index so that information like that can be exchanged. Had the guys said we are planning on going to sunny beach in September William may have warned either to reconsider going or take extra precautions # just saying