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Proxy Votes - Andy Howie - 18-08-2013

Submissions for proxy votes closed at midnight last night. Only posted votes that are postmarked before today will now be accepted.

This will take me a bit of time to sort through as I have received 146 proxy votes this year! Next job is to contact all the holders and check lists for mistakes and confirm people are members.

See you next year!!!

Re: Proxy Votes - Alan Jelfs - 18-08-2013

I noticed from last year's AGM minutes (I've been doing my homework!), that I was listed under apologies, after giving my proxy vote to someone else.

Will all proxy voters appear under "apologies" at the AGM? I suggest they are, in the interests of transparency.

Re: Proxy Votes - Andy Howie - 18-08-2013

Yes they count as apologies

Re: Proxy Votes - Hugh Brechin - 18-08-2013


Re: Proxy Votes - Jacqui Thomas - 18-08-2013

Good job it wasn't restricted to 3 proxy votes per person! You wouldn't have fitted everyone in the meeting Tongue

1) what if someone gave their full proxy before the motions were published and wish their vote only to be used on specific items - can they still request this?

2) or they gave their proxy only wishing it to be used for specific items but had inadvertently given full proxy - can they request an amendment?

3) what if someone has changed their mind and wishes to withdraw their vote - can they withdraw?

Re: Proxy Votes - Andy Howie - 18-08-2013

Yes yes and yes are the answers :-D

Re: Proxy Votes - Jim Webster - 18-08-2013

Sounds to me like the Proxy vote holders are going to dominate the AGM, almost irrespective of what the floor attendees want. Particularly when are large number of them are potentially canvassed votes for one or other of the presidential candidates.

I do not think that proxy votes for named presidential candidates should be accepted if they predate the list of candidates being published - that tends to make it look like an organized campaign, abusing the proxy system, to get one's own way because they dislike an existing individual officer.

We really need to look at proxy votes in a bit more detail to prevent this sort of thing, even if it does mean a change to the constitution.
All it needs is to get a proposer/seconder and at least 10 individual members to call a SGM if necessary so that next years AGM doesn't have this problem and that Proxy voting is tightened up. That is not to say I will do so, I am only highlighting how it is simple to do.