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british chess championships - robin moore - 02-08-2013

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A great result for David Grant in the afternoon open from the first week. He went close to an incredible double, losing in the last round in the morning open when right in the shake up. Very well done David!

Re: british chess championships - robin moore - 06-08-2013

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I don't know what David Grant is putting on his cornflakes but he is now off to a good start in both the AM and PM opens in the second week. Andrew MacQueen off to a great start too in the PM open.

Re: british chess championships - Brendan O'Gorman - 09-08-2013

Congratulations to Andrew MacQueen who shared first in the British under 160 Championship this morning before going on to win the second week afternoon Open outright. What a star!

Re: british chess championships - robin moore - 09-08-2013

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Andrew MacQueen won the tournament in the previous post and followed it up with this great double. Fantastic performance!

Brendan beat me to it by seconds!

David Grant also 2nd equal in the second week PM open behind Andrew. A great fortnight for you both.