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Re: Dundee Congress event update - Andy McCulloch - 13-10-2011

There are still too many of the Scottish Junior Squad in the Minor. Flying under a false rating flag. It's a trap, there are 2 of them.

Re: Dundee Congress event update - Donald Wilson - 13-10-2011

The obvious solution would be to make junior internationalists play in the Open, and let the titled players sweat over their grading points.

I expect I'll be the arbiter for the Major this weekend - with a bit of luck I'll maybe manage (legally, of course) to pair Robin with Murad, Kai, Carl and Andrew.

Re: Dundee Congress event update - robin moore - 13-10-2011


If I said the cheque's in the post, would that help you reconsider?

Re: Dundee Congress event update - Andrew McHarg - 13-10-2011

Good luck to all at this event! I hope it goes well! Big Grin

Why is it that juniors' grades are so "under-rated". Surely it creates an inconsistency with the grading data, thus compromising its statistical accuracy? Perhaps something which needs looked at? Anyway; that's for another topic.