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Re: Annoyed - Clement Sreeves - 17-04-2013

Seems a bit ironic that Chess for CHAS is the same weekend as the well established dates for Edinburgh Congress next year.

Re: Annoyed - Andy McCulloch - 18-04-2013

The dates for the Edinburgh Congress are anything but well established.

I recall making comments about the calendar some years ago, and, amongst other complaints, being taken to task by Edinburgh organisers who said that they had to take whatever weekend Heriots made available,

Re: Annoyed - Clement Sreeves - 18-04-2013

You are right it was a bad choice of words. However it is always around that time and shouldn't be too difficult to avoid clashing?

Re: Annoyed - Michael Hanley - 18-04-2013

The CHAS event was booked for the same weekend as it was held. If Edinburgh had put up their date earlier I could have avoided it.
The Hall Keeper at St Margaret's Church Hall is on holiday, will check when he gets back when it can be moved to.

Also organised a Hamilton Training Day for 2nd Feb to clash with Ayrshire Congress on 31st Jan, did not notice was same weekend!!!!. I have moved it to earlier in January.


Re: Annoyed - Hugh Brechin - 18-04-2013

Aye, in fairness the Edinburgh Congress dates are dependent on when Heriot's makes the venue available, which is in turn dependent on when the Easter holidays take place. So it's really the lunar calendar to blame here.

Re: Annoyed - Andy Howie - 18-04-2013

Hang on, I was enjoying giving Mike a hard time for booking it the same weekend as Edinburgh...

Re: Annoyed - Hugh Brechin - 18-04-2013

Unless he sat on the Council of Nicaea we probably can't blame him, sadly.

Re: Annoyed - andyburnett - 18-04-2013

Hugh Brechin Wrote:Unless he sat on the Council of Nicaea we probably can't blame him, sadly.

There were apparently no delegates or representatives from Britain at the Council - so Mike is blame-free Smile

Re: Annoyed - Hugh Brechin - 18-04-2013

Ah, so it's those blasted foreigners.

Re: Annoyed - Mike Scott - 18-04-2013

As "Never let the truth get in the way of a good blame" is the noticeboard motto I think Mike can be blamed no matter what.