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Annoyed - Andy Howie - 25-03-2013

No often I go on a rant but I am pretty annoyed today.

I have been working the last few months to put on a Charity Chess event. It has been on the calendar for the last few months.

I looked at the Calendar today to find someone has decided to put on a 3 day event over the weekend I am already using.

No only is it going to affect money going to the Charity I am trying to raise money for, but it is going to affect the Edinburgh Congress the weekend after.

Its not that hard people. There are plenty of free weekends in the year that we don't need to clash.

Rant over

Re: Annoyed - Jonathan Edwards - 25-03-2013

I assume this is about the "Edinburgh Uni Open".

Boris decided to run this event a while ago, and I had thought that it was only open to Edinburgh Uni members... I had no idea he was going to open it to all players.

I'm sorry that it clashes with your event and I hope that it takes no players away from your charitable tournament.

Re: Annoyed - KevinCampbell - 26-03-2013

Hi Andy,

It is the first time I have seen a charity event through Chess, I would just like to say well done on organising this event to raise some funds for a great charity.

If i am available I will be playing.

It is ashame the Edin Uni congress colides with your event. Though, i doubt this will detract from the numbers you will achieve for your allegro given the geography/ set up. I would imagine the Edin Uni congress will mostly be Edin Uni students, with a few players from Edinburgh. It's also good to see the Edinburgh Uni team are trying to put on an event, just ashame it does overlap with your event.

Good luck Andy with this, and i would encourage all local players to turn out and support this for what is a fantastic cause.

Re: Annoyed - Jonathan Edwards - 28-03-2013

Just for clarification, I have nothing to do with either of the events concerned.

I understood Andy's frustration with the event clashing, and then apologised on behalf of Boris who is running the event.

I now retract this apology and have to say that Andy has handled this extremely unprofessionally and with bitterness. The Facebook post was a nice touch. It's not just Andy though... others have made a judgement about the "dark side" =).

"Edinburgh Uni? they don't speak english". Aye... Very good.

Re: Annoyed - Andy Howie - 28-03-2013


If you are going to quote from my facebook pages, at least put it context. This is my friends and family many of whom come from Edinburgh and went to Edinburgh Uni. Being someone who went to Heriot Watt University.. Need I go on about the years of winding up between me and my friends...

If I can't wind up my mates as I have done so over the years on Facebook where it is semi private, what is the point?

Re: Annoyed - hamish olson - 28-03-2013

I don't want to get involved in this argument at all (I have better things to do with my time!) but just to let you know andy (more as advice than trying to refute your argument) your facebook page isn't at all private - I'm not your friend (on facebook) but I can read the said conversation just by clicking on your name (I am nosy!). I also wouldn't suggest challenging boris to a deathmatch if you mean like the ones on (or in that awesome doctor who episode with the pieces being electrically live (not what people think of when they mean live chess but that was what they called it)) - he would definitely win Tongue .
You might want to change your privacy settings if you don't want all and sundry (+prospective employers) to be able to read it.

Re: Annoyed - Andy Howie - 28-03-2013

I would if someone would tell me what a deathmatch is!

Re: Annoyed - hamish olson - 28-03-2013

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ifier-1372</a><!-- m --> is what I was thinking of - the doctor who version is way cooler but i don't have a clip in hand. Big Grin

Re: Annoyed - Andy Howie - 29-03-2013

Now there is an idea we could bring into tournaments in Scotland :p Any takers????

Gives a real meaning to winner takes all..

Re: Annoyed - Patrick McGovern - 29-03-2013

Is this something chess related that i might actually have a chance of winning? ;P