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Well another season over!! - Glynis Grant - 24-03-2013

I'd just like to thank Andy, Phil and Gavin for the fantastic job they have done to give us, yet again, an excellent year at SNCL.

Well done to all the teams who were promoted and better luck next year to those who were demoted. To the rest of you I hope you enjoyed your games and are looking forward to next season.

Would you believe I have just completed 16 years as Organiser of SNCL -- you don't even get that for Murder these days ( and there have been a few where I have been tempted over the years!!!!)

Next season will have funny dates because the venue is having a major renovation project so it will be interesting to see the changes (hopefully not in costs to SNCL!!)

Have a lovely summer and I look forward to welcoming you all back in the fall.


Re: Well another season over!! - robin moore - 24-03-2013


Are the results updated yet?


Re: Well another season over!! - George Pyrich - 25-03-2013

Unlike the previous post, I'd simply like to express thanks to Glynis and the team for their excellent efforts

Re: Well another season over!! - robin moore - 25-03-2013

Sorry if that came across wrong.

Well done to Glynis and everyone involved.


Re: Well another season over!! - Phil Thomas - 25-03-2013

On behalf of myself and the other arbiters who officiated at the SNCL this season I express my thanks to Glynis for her role in making it such a smoothly run event this season.

As most of us know the best Tournament Directors tend also be those who generate the least publicity for their personal skills and input.

Stupendous achievement by Glynis , matched only (as far as I know) by the longevity of the Glenrothes event run by George Pyrich. Two superb long running events, all of Scotland’s chess players should be grateful – even if we don’t get around to saying so on the notice board.

Re: Well another season over!! - Patrick McGovern - 26-03-2013

As we all know the best run tournaments are when the arbiters/controllers/directors are largely anonymous. This is down to the hard work, skill and planning put in by those who are mostly ignored by us chess players. Thanks to all involved we, at Greenwood, really enjoyed this season. Cheers. Big Grin

Re: Well another season over!! - StevieHilton - 26-03-2013

Glynis, you don't even get time off for good behaviour!! Big Grin
My congratulations to you and all the arbiters for a difficult job well done.

Re: Well another season over!! - andyburnett - 26-03-2013

Many thanks to all those involved in running this tournament Smile As mentioned previously, those of us who only play can sometimes forget how much effort goes into organising such events.

Although in fear of incurring the wrath of my own captain, George Pyrich, I have to ask if there are final tables posted somewhere? Apparently my team got promoted; we travelled home thinking we'd missed out by half-a-point. The truth is out there somewhere!

Anyway, thanks again and hope to be there next year Smile

Andy Burnett

Re: Well another season over!! - Patrick McGovern - 27-03-2013


Quote:Apparently my team got promoted; we travelled home thinking we'd missed out by half-a-point. The truth is out there somewhere!

It was our understanding that you were promoted along with oursekves, by half a point! Big Grin

Re: Well another season over!! - Andy McCulloch - 03-04-2013

Something a little bit peculiar going on here.

For the second time in a few years I was not present for the last day of the SNCL, this year Giffnock could not run a team in the 4th division.

In February I made a guest appearance for Corstorphine, and this is where I get a little confused. Normally the results of a day's play are posted very quickly, sometimes even before contestants have reached home. As I eventually lost, I was not too concerned about looking for the results.

Now, surprisingly, despite my February game having been graded, no results for the league have been posted, not for February or March. What's going on? Surely we should be told why there is such a delay in posting them.

The reason I want to know is that our club AGM will take place in a fortnight, and, as club secretary, I have to report on the club's progress. I am pretty sure that Giffnock were relegated from division 1, but I would like to see the figures in black and white. For us to have survived in Division 1 another team would have to have defaulted, and I don't believe that happened, but published tables would confirm it.

I don't think it appropriate to ignore this request as was done to Robin.