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Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - WBuchanan - 11-07-2013

In defence of Ludditism
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Big Grin

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - Gordon Rattray - 11-07-2013

Andy McCulloch Wrote:Alex has spent much of his time entering pgns

If there was a pile of scoresheets to be worked through, how practical would it be to photograph each scoresheet and make them available like the event photos often are? Taking a photo has to be quicker than inputting the moves. Then a wider group can access the scoresheets online and help produce the PGNs if need be. Any problems with reading someone's handwriting isn't going to be made worse in a high definition photo - that's an issue regardless.

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - Graham Kerr - 11-07-2013

Just so you know Andy, 3rd link for today's games is giving error 404 message

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - ronniewallace - 11-07-2013

Andy Howie Wrote:So the train that runs directly from Edinburgh to Helensburgh has totally escaped your notice then...
Ah but if he were to take the Falkirk High line and get off the stop before Queen Street he might bump in to Helen fi Croy. ;P

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - Andy Howie - 11-07-2013

Cheers Graham. Looking into it now

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - Andy Howie - 11-07-2013

restarted the machine. Should be there now?

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - Graham Kerr - 11-07-2013

Yip, fine now. Thanks:-)

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - Geoff Chandler - 11-07-2013

Hi Andy.

If they had held the event at glorious Grangemough instead of some out of the way place
in the middle of nowhere they would have had dozens of arbiters.

The games from the live boards are stored somewhere because you can play over them.
Surely one can lift these games and past them onto the blank page designated for the PGN's.
Andy Howie once PM'd me to show me how you could this....
( change the last bit to r1.pgn or somehting like that.)

It's a shocking state of affairs. How many jounalists thoughout the country have gone there
looking for a game for their column only to walk away empty-handed.
All their efforts are going onto these live boards and most of the time they don't work.
(and I just decided that I will refuse to play on one.)

I only got one informator from the 'golden olden days' (it was a Xmas present from my Mum.) No 25.
Still have it and there are wee notes and scirbbles all over it. I played through every game.

And I did the puzzles things....except the one's on endings - even then I had decided that if
a player finds himself in an ending with a slight plus then he has misplayed the middle game.
He should have used the slight plus he picked up to sac-mate the enemy King.
99% of of endings should never have been endings. That's a fact I've proved time and time again.

If I go to's looking dodgy.
The delicate young things at my work are dropping like flies with sunburn.
(I suspect most are crying off so they can go to that T in the Park rip off.) then I will take those
score sheets that did not make the live games and have them uploaded on the CS site by Wednesday.

The live games are already in PGN format.....somehwere.....they are floating about the ether destined
never to appear where they should be....on the PGN's Download page.

And why did I have to log on before reading the Notice Board.
Is this kind of 'get rich quick' scam so they can post how many people log onto to here
rather than just browse their way through.

Or is it just me and I'm being singled out for special treatment hoping I'll get fed and not come back.

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - Patrick McGovern - 11-07-2013

would it not just simply be Luddism? Big Grin

Re: Scottish Chess Championships 2013 - David Deary - 11-07-2013

Alex, Andy et al, I will be around from 5pm tomorrow until the end on Sunday if you need any assistance with anything give me a shout. FYI though I am not typing up PGNs for Geoff! ;P