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Laws of Chess - Andy Howie - 11-10-2012

Looking at the new laws coming in, one sprang immediately to mind

Under the punishment section

13.9 Options available to the arbiter concerning penalties:
a. warning
b. increasing the remaining time of the opponent
c. reducing the remaining time of the offending player
d. a fine announced in advance
e. declaring the game to be lost by the offending player (the arbiter shall also decide the opponent’s score)
f. increasing the points scored in the game by the opponent to the maximum available for that game
g. reducing the points scored in the game by the offending player
h. expulsion from the event, which should only be considered in conjunction with the organiser.

hmm. Fine being pints of beer perhaps :p

Re: Laws of Chess - Patrick McGovern - 12-10-2012

I agree on the fine Tongue

Re: Laws of Chess - Mike Scott - 14-10-2012

Quote:d. a fine announced in advance
in advance of what? The start of the game, in advance of the arbitor making the decision, in advance of the start of the season...?

Re: Laws of Chess - Alex McFarlane - 14-10-2012

For a congress it would be at the time the entry form was produced and would be noted on it or an indicated website.
For leagues it would be decided I assume at the AGM before the season starts and again memntioned with the documentation for league entry.
For an invitational event it would be part of the conditions sent out with the invites.