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Re: Mureck: Alleged ECF Incident - robin moore - 16-08-2012

Thank you Sohale and I hope everything is resolved as soon as possible. Your boys had terrific performances at Mureck and you must be delighted by their results,

Many congratulations,


Re: Mureck: Alleged ECF Incident - Linda McCusker - 16-08-2012

Hi Sohale

I am one of the parents who was part of the Scottish Chess Delegation in Mureck and I will be getting in touch with Sue Newns regarding the ALLEGED incident. I hope that Thomasina and the boys are recovering from their experiences in Mureck and I know that they will be happy to be at home with the rest of their family.

Re: Mureck: Alleged ECF Incident - Patrick McGovern - 17-08-2012

Quote:The ECF takes any charge of racism or religious intolerance extremely seriously and we absolutely condemn discriminatory behaviour of any kind. The ECF is also committed to the safety of all competitors who take part in tournaments at home and abroad.

nice words, proper sentiment BUT something happenned.

I wonder why a family is so upset, I also wonder why a child has a bruise.

There is a lot of discussion about this on the ECF forum, methinks the story has some way to run.