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British Chess Championships - lara barnes - 16-05-2012

The very nice hotel that the control team are staying in has about 5 lovely family rooms left at very reasonable prices. The rooms have a fridge and microwave + table and are en-suite. Some have a lovely sea view.
They don't mind who shares them!
I said I would pass on to nice people only - so that's why it is only going on the CS noticeboard! Big Grin

The Marlborough
Whitley Bay
East Parade
0191 251 3628

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Re: British Chess Championships - amuir - 26-05-2012

Ian McDonald has been given a nominated place - 3 others still available for main champs

Re: British Chess Championships - robin moore - 26-05-2012


That's great news about Ian! I am really delighted about this,