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Anand or Gelfand? - Andrew McHarg - 10-05-2012

Does Gelfand have a chance? My guess is a win for Anand of 7.5 - 4.5

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - PatCoffey - 10-05-2012

Close match....maybe 1 point in it.... could be 12 draws.

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - Adam Bremner - 10-05-2012

Anand has been in terrible form recently, even losing to Tiviakov at the Bundesliga in April. I think he is lucky to be playing Gelfand rather than one of the 2800 brigade. I expect his prep to pick up a few wins, and a score of maybe +2 overall. Don't expect interesting games though!

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - Andy Howie - 10-05-2012

Gelfand to win.

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - Mike Mitchell - 11-05-2012

Anybody know a good website with live commentary? The official site doesn't have a link on it that I can see, or they are keeping their powder dry until noontime.

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - David G Congalton - 11-05-2012

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Official webcast starts in less than 5 minutes

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Re: Anand or Gelfand? - Mike Mitchell - 11-05-2012

Thanks Davie I found the Moscow2012 site.
Quite a poisonous choice by Anand, somehow doubt Gelfand would have analysed the Bb5+ variation of this line.

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - David G Congalton - 12-05-2012

Watching today's game live, I'm surprised by the amount of time Gelfand takes to play moves in the opening. I assume that like most GM's he knows the theory inside out and has done his preparation.

Nigel Short, who I think is an excellent commentator, made the point about Fischer taking time in the openings to warm up his brain and ease himself gently into the game but I can't help but think taking so long when you have a pretty good idea of what you're going to play is bad time management and could be a weakness in Gelfand's game that may cost him.

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - hamish olson - 12-05-2012

perhaps this thinking pattern also has the advantage of not revealing to anand when gelfand is out of his preparation - that might be some sort of psychological advantage?

Re: Anand or Gelfand? - robin moore - 12-05-2012


Are you suggesting that Gelfand is going to take the same time in the opening phase of the game whether he is right on the button preparation wise or floundering hopelessly? That is a very interesting thought and Anand would find that impossible to "read" if correct,