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Re: Topalov Simul - Andrew McHarg - 30-04-2012

Congratulations on your win Andrew. Do you have a copy of your game to post by any chance? Big Grin

Re: Topalov Simul - Alex McFarlane - 30-04-2012

Andy Howie has a copy of all the games and they should appear soon.

Can I thank everyone who turned up to play or spectate.

Both visitors, especially ECU President Danailov, were impressed by Edinburgh Chess Club. There was one criticism was that it is not promoted enough! They both went to their hotel but came back for another brief visit before having a meal and a whisky tasting session!

Re: Topalov Simul - Andy Howie - 30-04-2012

I think my favourite moment was when someone (It was either David, Neil or Geoff) pointed out to GM Topalov that he had just played in the same club and signed in the same visitor book as Capablanca et al (they even showed him the signatures). He was literally speechless Big Grin

Re: Topalov Simul - Andy Howie - 30-04-2012

As promised, Photos

I did not get too much time to take pictures

Re: Topalov Simul - Geoff Chandler - 01-05-2012

A couple of pics here: One long shot and one of Topalov making a move v Alastair White.

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Also 2 of the games played from the simul.

Re: Topalov Simul - Robert Lawson - 04-05-2012

What a week! 75th Birthday and a game with Topalov. My thanks to all who made it possible.

Re: Topalov Simul - Andy Howie - 07-05-2012

I took them with me to enter at the weekend. I have been entering them this morning and have 7 of the games entered. I can't make sense of 2 of them. Aiming to have them done today / tomorrow