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Topalov Simul - Alex McFarlane - 11-04-2012

It has been confirmed today that Topalov will be giving a simul in Edinburgh on 29th April.

The venue and time have still to be confirmed.

The fee will probably be £25.

If anyone is interested please contact me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> to be put on the circulation list.

Re: Topalov Simul - George Neave - 11-04-2012

what is going on? Have I been transported to a parallel universe where Scotland is a former soviet state?!

How did you pull this one off Alex?

Next you'll be telling me Mike Hanley is Pime Minister and Andy Muir Foreign Secretary!

Re: Topalov Simul - Alex McFarlane - 11-04-2012

Nothing to do with me really. Danilov is touring various ECU member nations and bringing Topolov with him. Andy Howie has done all the spade work.

Seems too good an opportunity to miss.

Re: Topalov Simul - Andrew McHarg - 12-04-2012

Ooh I'll play, this sounds great! Hope I have nothing else on that day. Can you please mark me down for a place Alex? Big Grin

What will be the rule on toilet visits during the game? Will he be mad if I come out of the toilet with a usb cable hanging from my pocket? ;P

Re: Topalov Simul - Alex McFarlane - 16-04-2012

Latest update
It now looks likely that the event will be held with the following timetable.

Sunday 29th April
3.15pm Player arrival
3.45pm approx Simul starts
9pm Play ends (if still in progress)

The intended venue is the Scottish Parliament but Edinburgh Chess Club will kindly provide the venue if this proves impossible.

Places will be drawn by lot (in groups) from those who have indicated an interest by Saturday 21st. Entry fee is £25. All money raised will go towards the Sensory Board fund.

Re: Topalov Simul - Alan Tate - 17-04-2012

Looks excellent! Hope to be there.

Re: Topalov Simul - Patrick McGovern - 20-04-2012

Quote:Andy Howie has done all the spade work.

well done Andy Big Grin

Re: Topalov Simul - Alex McFarlane - 23-04-2012

I'm still waiting on confirmation of venue.

Lucky (?) applicants are:

Aagaard Jacob x
Brechin Hugh x
Bremner Adam x
Brunello Roberta x
Campbell Alistair x
Forbes Alistair x
Green Andrew x
Greet Andrew x
Hilton Stephen x
Lawson Robert x
McLean Ian x
Mitchell Mike x
Mitrovic Boris x
Newton Andrew x
Nisbet Charlie x
Pannwitz Kai x
Rattray Gordon x
Ridge Mike x
Sreeves Clement x
White Alastair x

Walker Duncan 1
Grant Jonathan 2
Sani Leonardo 3
Neave George 4
Lange Olav 5

Re: Topalov Simul - amuir - 24-04-2012

will Topalov agree to play titled players ? Karpov refused in 1984

Re: Topalov Simul - StevieHilton - 25-04-2012

Andy Muir,
Topalov played Baburin and Sam Collins in a simul in Dublin last year