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Re: European Individual Championships - David G Congalton - 24-03-2012

Another draw for Alan Tate today, takes him to 1 1/2 points. His tournament rating performance so far is 2362. The sixth round draw for tomorrow pairs him with the Roumanian Teodor Senetia. Alan has black. Monday is a rest day.

There are at least 3 GM's taking part who will be playing in tournaments in Scotland this summer. Top of those three after five rounds is Arkadij Naiditsch with 4/5, followed by Sabino Brunello 3/5 and then Sarunas Sulskis on 2 1/2 from a possible 5.

Round 6 pairings for the three are

6 13 GM Naiditsch Arkadij 2702 v GM Sokolov Ivan 2653 44
67 172 GM Holzke Frank 2508 v GM Brunello Sabino 2587 108
89 101 GM Sulskis Sarunas 2596 v IM Enchev Ivajlo 2432 211

Re: European Individual Championships - George Neave - 27-03-2012

Alan's continues to do rather well after 7 rounds. Anyone know what needs to happen now before he gets the overdue IM title he clearly deserves?

Re: European Individual Championships - Andy McCulloch - 28-03-2012

Well, I believe he has to get his FIDE rating to 2400 or above, and the IM title is his.

Re: European Individual Championships - Clement Sreeves - 29-03-2012

Another good result for Alan today. Looks like he managed to get yet another IM norm!