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Edinburgh Park chess festival - JMcNicoll - 06-08-2023

Well that was so fun last couple of days we decided to go again this weekend, but double it and then add a weekender into the mix as well.

So at the Edinburgh Park Hotel on the 10th from 7:30 an under 19 Blitz, Friday and we have a Junior allegro from 9:30, an Allegro from 2, then the first round of a weekend Standard event from 7:30.

Saturday we calm down a bit with 2 rounds of Standard and then a blitz from 7

By then the exhausted arbiters, and any players deciding to try and play in all events available, just the last 2 rounds of standard.

Entries have not been quite as we would have liked, so 2 sections for most events and down to 1 section in one.

Chess Results for Blitz here, Allegro here and Standard here. For Vega with no ads or cookies for Allegro and Standard click here.

And possibly a good opportunity for any Glorney Cup etc., team members to get some actual chess in before the following weekend.

Please enter if you can.