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Chess Scotland National Arbiter Course - Alistair Maxwell - 17-02-2023

Chess Scotland National Arbiter (NA) Course

The first step to become an arbiter is to gain the National Arbiter title. This award is recognised by Chess Scotland and the world governing body, FIDE.

There are two aspects to gaining this title, practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

Practical experience is gained by assisting at chess events (excluding tournaments which are restricted to a local club).

Chess Scotland will be holding a series of Lectures to enable Chess Scotland members to achieve the theoretical knowledge to become NAs.

The practical and theoretical parts can be taken in any order, though it is suggested that candidates should be aware of the practical aspects before doing the theory.
Session 1 (online) Mar 21  7.30-9.30pm   
Session 2 (online) Mar 28  7.30-9.30pm
Session 3 (online) Apr 04 7.30-9.30pm
Session 4 (online) Apr 11 7.30-9.30pm
Session 5 (physical attendance) Apr 22/23 10am-4.00pm

Course content:
Sessions 1-4:    
Laws of Chess, Types of Tournaments, Swiss Pairings, Basic Tie Break Methods, Grading/Rating Basics.
Session 5:           
Revision, Exam

Cost £30

If you are interested in doing this course, please contact Alistair Maxwell

Please title email Chess Scotland National Arbiter Course.