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Re: 07/03/2012 - C.Sreeves vs A.Burnett - andyburnett - 30-04-2012

Well, time to resign as my last little hope ...Rc8 (which would be unlikely to work anyway without time-pressure) fails miserably to Nxd4 when there is a big fork on e6.

Well-played Clement! I'm looking forward to reading all the comments from you and the others Smile

What went wrong for me? Basically I played it a bit too much like a normal OTB game, and didn't check the little tactical details closely enough when I decided to abandon the q-side.

Re: 07/03/2012 - C.Sreeves vs A.Burnett - Clement Sreeves - 30-04-2012

Thanks for the game Andy!

I'm thinking that ...f5 was the main culprit, pretty excited to read all the comments now!

Re: 07/03/2012 - C.Sreeves vs A.Burnett - Clement Sreeves - 30-04-2012

Quickly read through your comments, 2 things I wanted to comment on right now:

5.d3 was a brainfart, obviously I should go 5.e4 first. To be honest I am surprised you have had so many games in this line, I didn't expect anyone else to be as stupid as me!

WOW at all the variations starting with ...cxb4 Bxb4 ...f4 I didn't see any of that! I'll take a closer look later but that would definitely have been very scary, even in a correspondence game