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8th SCT online weekender - JMcNicoll - 02-12-2020

This weekend another series of online chess events from Junior allegros, Blitz, allegro, and "standard" chess over the three days. 

You'll almost certainly find something to enjoy.  Enter here, or see details on the Chess Scotland main events page.

RE: 8th SCT online weekender - JMcNicoll - 05-12-2020

Both Blitzes from Friday night available to view from the team page in LiChess.

Open Standard is ongoing, pairings and results here or here. View the games at LiChess.

Tonight's Under - 11 Allegro, but it will be a blitz at 39 entrants so far. 

Still time to enter it and tomorrow's Open Allegro and U - 15 Allegro.