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Glorney 2020 - harrymarron - 24-07-2020

This year's event will take place (online) starting Sunday 26th July.

Good luck to Ruairidh and the team

RE: Glorney 2020 - Matthew Turner - 27-07-2020

Looks like a very strong event this year and the first round against an excellent Dutch side is looking brutal for Scotland

Go Jen  Shy

RE: Glorney 2020 - Matthew Turner - 30-07-2020

A decent round yesterday against a strong Belgium side.  Congratulations to Jennifer Feng who moves onto 2/2 against a 1750 average.  Today will be tough against England and then a real chance against Wales tomorrow

RE: Glorney 2020 - harrymarron - 04-08-2020

Well done to all the juniors who represented Scotland with such passion and tenacity. Some proper breakthrough performances