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Re: GM Sarunas Sulskis - Prestwick 2012 - George Neave - 07-05-2012

Isn't it great to see a wee lad like this with the bottle to play for the win - this combined with the intuative technique e.g. 49...h5! tells us this guy could go very far.

Re: GM Sarunas Sulskis - Prestwick 2012 - robin moore - 09-05-2012


Thanks for your kind comments. I just wanted to mention that another boy, Euan Gray aged 10 was also doing very well v Sarunas when mum decided it was bedtime. Watch out for this boy, we think a lot of him,


Re: GM Sarunas Sulskis - Prestwick 2012 - Andrew McHarg - 09-05-2012

Ah yes, I saw some of Euan's games too Robin. I've put a lot of names to faces at this event, including yours! =)

There are some incredibly talented juniors at the moment. I think the coaching that is being offered is a brilliant idea.

Re: GM Sarunas Sulskis - Prestwick 2012 - Calum MacQueen - 09-05-2012

Thanks go to Sarunas for his lecture last night at Alva street. Interesting game with an unusual material situation on the board.
Well done for Robin, David and everyone else who brought him over here. He seemed to enjoy Scotland and hopefully he'll come back at some point.

Now we just have to look forward to the visit of Arkadij Naiditsch in a few months time and all the stars coming over for the Scottish champs. Can't wait Smile.

Ps. Well played by Murad and Euan isn't half bad either, future is bright.