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World Seniors Bucharest - Glynis Grant - 06-11-2019

Off to Bucharest on Sunday, getting really excited. If I manage to win 1 game I will be SOOOO happy. I'm number 146 out of 150!!

Eleven of us are going. All the best everyone.


RE: World Seniors Bucharest - Alan Bell - 06-11-2019

Good luck, Glynis!

RE: World Seniors Bucharest - hamish olson - 07-11-2019

Good luck Glynis (and everyone else). Having just played European Team Championships where I was the second lowest rated board 2, I know how you feel! I did not manage to win a game (1 draw) but I learnt a lot Smile

RE: World Seniors Bucharest - Glynis Grant - 21-11-2019

Thanks Hamish for support.

Now had eight games, lost them all but boy have I given them a run for their money. As Hamish said I have learned a lot and it is really great to get a chance to play ' the big guys'

Update on Jim. His family has come over to Bucharest and we are hoping he will be out of hospital before the weekend. Don't know when he'll get to fly home though.

All other players are fighting colds, shingles and disputes with pavements (badly bruised my knees so the pavement won that match too!)

Have a look at some of the Scottish games there are some wonderful wins


RE: World Seniors Bucharest - Ianbrownlee - 22-11-2019

thanks for the update Glynis  Wink

RE: World Seniors Bucharest - Glynis Grant - 25-11-2019

We're all home now and I'm delighted to say that includes Jim Webster. He's very cheerful and glad to be out of the hospital.

I will leave Jim to update everyone himself. It is sufficient to say that after giving us all, and himself, a nasty scare he is now on the mend and has got his cheeky grin back.

RE: World Seniors Bucharest - Iain Hope - 26-11-2019

Two draws seems a pretty good effort. When you know that the opposition is going to be so much better it is an achievement just to give it a go. I hope it means that you will try another similarly difficult event.


RE: World Seniors Bucharest - hamish olson - 26-11-2019

delighted that Jim is on an upward trajectory and very much echo Iain's comment above

RE: World Seniors Bucharest - Glynis Grant - 29-11-2019

Thanks Iain. I am delighted with my draws and definitely hope to go to more senior events. These guys may be old but they are really sharp brainwise. It was amazing listening to my guys saying that's so and so, he invented such and such opening.