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Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 26-04-2019

This year's event will take place 18-20 October at the same venue as 2018 - the Chaplaincy Centre, University of Dundee.

Summary of 2019 details:
Prize fund increased by £500;
Prizes 1 – 3 in all tournaments increased;
Open is renamed as Premier with a lower-grading limit of 1800 (no junior adjustment);
Premier entry is limited to 36 (due to space) – first come, first accepted;
Free tea, coffee and iced water;
Breakfasts, breakfast rolls and light lunches available on the premises.

An entry form will be placed on our CS calendar entry soon but in the meantime visit our website for regular-ish updates


RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 25-06-2019

News for car drivers - we have an agreement with Dundee Uni enabling free parking on campus during the congress weekend (normally there is a charge). Anyone wishing to take advantage should make a request in the comment box of the online entry form, use the form on the Contact page of our website or email a request to

A permit will be emailed to you to print and display on your dashboard. A printable map and an interactive map of campus parking will be added to our website shortly.

RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 29-09-2019

With the congress only 3 weeks away we have updated several pages of the website - including Parking and Entry. Permits for parking on-campus can be obtained by email request to - the permit and map of permitted areas will be emailed back.

As noted above the Premier is restricted to 36 entries. Last year we came close to capacity in the main hall but we now know that it can accommodate up to 114 between the Major and Minor.

Online entry can be made at 


RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 07-10-2019

There are now only 10 places left in the Premier - first come, first accepted.


RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 11-10-2019

Entries are coming in nicely. As of now (Thursday 10th) there are 7 places left in the Premier and 23 between Major & Minor.

RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 11-10-2019

Lindores Abbey Chess Stars Tournament: The organisers will have a table at Dundee selling leftover merchandise from this event and will be donating a number of items as prizes

[Image: Lindores1.jpg]

[Image: Lindores2.JPG]

RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 12-10-2019

Sat 12th - 6 places left in the Premier, 20 between Major & Minor


RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 16-10-2019

From Lindores Abbey Distillery:

“The items are available to look at on the Lindores Abbey Distillery website - - under 'SHOP'.
However, we are reducing the price of the merchandise for Dundee Congress as follows:
Chess Poster was £5.00.               Now £1
Chess Blade Pen was £6.50.         Now £3
Chess Notebook was £5.00          Now £3
Chess Travel Mug was £10.           Now £4
Chess T-shirt was £20.                  Now £7
Chess Baseball Cap was £10.        Now £5

One other point is that I can't guarantee that I will have means to take card payments. Cash would be preferable”

As of 17:30 today there are 5 places left in the Premier and 4 between Major and Minor. Online entry will be closed this evening.


RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Keith Rose - 17-10-2019

It's Thursday evening and the latest count gives us an entry of 142, four more than last year. We still have room for a few late entries if they are made sharpish.

RE: Dundee Congress 2019 - Ianbrownlee - 18-10-2019

good luck Keith I wish i could be there