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3 fold reptition.... - PeterReidSmith - 30-11-2018

So, don't let this happen to you:

There I was, last game of the Bled senior having outplayed my opponent and clearly winning (computer suggests c.-4) and I repeat the position to gain a little time (as one does). Then I repeat again, and then I very deliberately triangulate to get the position a 3rd time but with the subtle difference that it's not the same player to move....

So, my opponent claims a draw by '3 fold', I object, arbiters are called (2!), and they conclude it's a draw. I object, someone at the next table gets stressed and "shushes" us, and I relent.

Reviewing the game at the hotel, I verify my impression, but it's obviously too late - which, in truth, is fine (it was such a great event, that it's not worth complaining about an honest mistake -  I'll make back the 10 FIDE points some other time).

But....3 fold: same position with THE SAME PLAYER TO MOVE....remember for your own games Smile

[Apparently something similar happened with Spassky/Fisher).