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RE: New website - Andrew McHarg - 17-04-2017

(16-04-2017, 09:35 AM)Jonathan Livingstone Wrote: Andrew, are area graders no longer getting access to the grading system?

Hi Jonathan

Yep, Area Graders should still get access to the grading system. I've assumed you fall into this category so I've changed your access. Let me know if any problems accessing stuff.

If anyone else is in this category and doesn't currently have access then please let me know.


RE: New website - lukebarker - 17-04-2017

Hi not sure if this has been spotted but I saw that the old google results do not redirect to relevant pages on new site (ones I tried). This can be fixed with an adjustment to .htaccess usually if server is Apache. Use a 301 redirect e.g.

EDIT I See it is nginx: 

It maybe seems unimportant but is good to have I think to maintain Google rank. Well done on new site as well, looks cool.

RE: New website - Jonathan Livingstone - 18-04-2017

Thanks Andrew, just in time for a match I am grading tonight. Just had a look at the grading system and there are some good improvements. Having it come up with the grade, grading difference (nice but no so important) and PNUM's as well as other info all on one screen is very useful. It would be good if in your next update, the PNUM could be displayed also on each individual players page.

Thanks also for the great work with the website in general.

RE: New website - Stuart McKinney - 21-04-2017

One thing I found helpful under the old site is under "clubs" you could see all members of that club and their current grades. Are there plans to reinstate this?

RE: New website - Graham Kerr - 22-04-2017

Everyone seems to like it, am i the only one having trouble with it?
For instance, i stumbled upon the page with the 10-player event in the Scottish, but cannot for the life of me find it again...

RE: New website - Gary McPheator - 22-04-2017

Hi Graham, you will find the details of the 10 player event in the Scottish Championship news item. I don't think it is on the events page.

RE: New website - Graham Kerr - 22-04-2017

thanks Gary, right where you said ;-)

RE: New website - Jonathan Livingstone - 22-04-2017

(21-04-2017, 01:03 PM)Stuart McKinney Wrote: One thing I found helpful under the old site is under "clubs" you could see all members of that club and their current grades. Are there plans to reinstate this?

It is still there, same as before but with improved info (which I was referring to before). If you go to the player search screen, there is a drop down menu for clubs. Just leave everything else blank and pick your club.

RE: New website - PeterReidSmith - 22-04-2017

It's a thankless task trying to "modernise/upgrade" such things. The truth is that we've all got used to the prior one and sometimes "new" can just seem like annoyingly different. In truth, though the LHS menu does seem to take up a disproportionate amount of space and there is less info overall just available on the main screen - having hierarchical structure is not necessarily "better" from a u/x point of view.

Sorry, as I say, I know it's a thankless task but I did rather like the old one.

RE: New website - Arthur Mulholland - 23-04-2017

Still having trouble logging onto new site from smartphone. Any ideas?